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Dad – I’m on my way.

Dad – I’m on my way.

I was once an expecting dad. What a mix of emotions, from being edited to scared, all in the same breath. I had the pleasure of chatting with a long time friend over the holidays when he shared some great news. He was going to be a dad.  I was overcome with joy, not just for the news but because I knew firsthand what the experience would do for, and to him as a man. My life has changed since becoming a dad, and I would want it any different, granted the birth was planned down to the month; I simply adore my little angel and I know, as a dad, he will too.

When you have a child, something happens to our mind. Something unexplainable. You change. Well, at least I hope we do. You become an unconditional, caring individual, soft at heart and vunerable. Don’t get me wrong ladies, men are like that with you, but with their children it’s different. My daughter looks at me and my day gets brighter. That being said, for those men who don’t change or don’t take care of their responsibility, always remember it is the child you are depriving and the innocent souls don’t deserve it. Furthermore, we have a responsibility to the rest of the world to raise children with good morals, and values to go forth and do well in the world, contributing positively. So to my good friend, I am truly excited for you on your new path in life and I’m not saying you need to be Superman, but definitely at least, be Super-Dad.

Here are a few good links for “new” dads to learn more about the process. I learnt these from watching my wife live on these sites, so when you get some free time, sneak away and check out BabyCenter, Pinterest, Your Baby Can Read, and ESPN Sports Center.

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