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Eats and Beats Miami – Food & Wine Week 2014

Eats and Beats Miami – Food & Wine Week 2014

Eats and Beats Miami was one of the most talked about events for the Food and Wine Week and boy was I glad to get that call to attend. With a carefully selected, Miami inspired outfit, I made my way to the renowned Moore Building, the select location for the evening. As I drove up to the location, perfectly located in the heart of the Miami Design District, I contemplated searching the streets for parking or pay a hefty sum for valet parking. To my surprise, as I stepped out of the car and handed my keys to the attendant, he uttered some unfamiliar words to me. He said, “Sir, tonight valet parking is three dollars.” I stopped myself in full stride and asked him to please repeat himself that which he did, confirming what he had said before. I gave him his tip, told him thank you, and cheerfully walked off towards, what appeared to be a good-looking crowd, gathered at the front entrance.

It was there that I met up with the gracious individuals who invited me to attend this “social, business” event. All together, we made our way to the front of the line, escorted by the very friendly door man. So far so good. Tickets scanned and access granted, we were in. First stop, as a group was to capture the memory and that we did, being entertained by the event photographer and his eccentric style of photography, we snapped a shot with Ms. Eats and Beats Miami. As we strolled off the “red carpet” we had the opportunity to sample some tasty liquor, which basically concluded the “check in” experience. Now to finally enter the event…

moore house

Photo Credit: David Ramos

What an amazing interior and layout. Eats and Beats Miami – 10 points for ambiance. The first three floors were lined on either side with various sampling stations, featuring restaurants like The Rusty Pelican, Brothers BBQ, RA Sushi, Bongos, Sushi Saki, Naked Taco and on the fourth and final, dessert heaven; cupcakes, bacon cheesecake,  chocolate covered strawberries, all available for you to sample. Liquor was also very much available throughout the night, with selections ranging from Premium Vodka, Cognac and Craft Beers to top-notch Perrier for those looking for something more on the lighter side.

The music during the night was good. The live band kept the energy level high during the early part of the evening followed by deejays (Mr. Sand Man and Michelle Pooch) who took over and brought the event home.  All in all the event was a great experience. I got the opportunity to hang with some really cool, down to earth people, met a few future business associates, bumped in to a couple old friends, enjoyed some really tasty bite size food while I sipped on some premium liquor. I would say, night well spent.

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