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How to Enjoy Travel More

How to Enjoy Travel More

Travel is a priority for Millennial consumers. A 2016 Airbnb study reports over 65% of Millennials in the US, UK and China agree that “regular travel is an important part of my life”. Brands respond with products that minimise friction, allowing travellers to feel their holiday has started as soon as their journey does…


Integrated smart features are a key focus for luggage, combining technology with practical packing solutions that cater to consumers’ frequent traveller lifestyles. Now incorporating chargers, digital locks that can be activated by smartphones, weight sensors and highly organised compartments, current brands are; Away, Bluesmart and Arlo Skye. Travelmate’s case takes things a step further; the suitcase can navigate through large crowds and automatically follow the owner around the airport, making it hands free.

Staying Secure

Bags and products are helping to give consumers piece of mind while travelling. Anti-theft bags using anti-cut materials and hidden zips keep valuables safe on the move. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) protection is becoming more important, as travellers become concerned about their private information being scanned and stolen, this can be integrated into wallets and passport holders.

Trackers are another growing product category, the Nut mini tracker can be attached to luggage, allowing the owner to locate it from their smartphone if it’s lost or stolen.

Charge It Up

As staying connected is front of mind for many consumers while travelling, new travel chargers and adaptors emerge to keep divices charged on the go.

The Micro power adaptor is the world’s smallest universal travel adaptor and can be used in 150 countries on all seven continents.

Sleep Well

As sleep becomes increasingly valued, products are emerging that help travellers to rest more comfortably on the go by integrating pillowes and eyemasks.

Calm on the Go

Mindfulness and meditation get an on-the-go makeover, soothing passangers during stressful airport queues or bumpy flights. New meditation apps including Simple Habit and Sway, allow users to focus and meditate.

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