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Not looking back

Not looking back

It’s December 31st 2012 and I am, as we all do, list out our New Year’s Resolutions. How many of us make them knowing very well that we are not going to even give it a try. I have had some crazy ideas myself along the way but none of them really as crazy as this one. It all started when I got married. Yes. Got married. I started the slow process of packing on those love pounds and by the time I was at year five I found myself a cute and hefty 220lbs. What was not cute was that my wife saw nothing wrong with the extra 50lbs I had packed on since we first met. She laughs about it today saying it was all love, but I really think she was secretly trying to turn me into fat Albert. Either way I decided to not just work out but to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I hit the gym on

January 1st 2013, as most of us do, personal trainer and all and was on my way to a healthier me. With the support of my family, and close friends, I saw my goal through to the end and lost 55lbs. During my journey I had to not only stay focused on my work out routine but also had to change how, when and what I ate. I think that the healthier eating combined my strict work out regiment and plan courtesy of Bris_Fit made the difference. So for those with that New Year’s Resolution to live the healthier way here are some of things I did along the way.

– Work out at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes.

– Lots of plyometric exercises, think P90X.

– No heavy weights

– At least 20 minutes of uphill cardio

– Lots spinach and asparagus

– Hydrate every hour

– Salmon at least once a week

– No fried food

– No eating past 8pm

– Must eat breakfast even if it is a protein shake

Vitamins and Supplements

Good luck on your journey and be sure to email your transformation pictures to me so I can post them at the beginning of 2015. Take the pledge. Start today.


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