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Pope Francis vs Capitalism

Pope Francis vs Capitalism

Pope Francis, Pope Francis, Pope Francis. Oh boy. Apparently Pope Francis has gone on record with statements about the “culture of prosperity” leading to the wealthy being “incapable of feeling compassion for the poor.” This has caught the ears of some very wealthy businessmen whom have to now decide whether they continue to donate to a church whose leader criticizes the very system, which has afforded them the opportunity to give back. What? So the size of my wallet determines the size of my heart? Not getting the Pope’s rational on this one. I mean I  support this very non-traditional Pope, in most of his decisions but this is just wrong. What was he thinking. Was his staff off for the day at the Vatican? Did he mean to say something else? Was he reading a script written for him by one of his assistants? At the end of the day, the statements were made, feelings got involved and now decisions have to be made.

Do you focus on you and your relationship with God, giving to him and not his representative here on earth? Or do you take it up with Pope Francis and deprive your worship community the benefits from your donation? I am not sure what the outcome would be in this situation, but it seems as if the Pope is being quite unfair. After all I should not be chastised for making a good living. I do not think my me becoming wealthy, in any way changes my compassion level or how I look at the less fortunate. I believe that the pope is terribly wrong in his statements and should look towards maybe working closely with the 1% rather than making statements to create a divide. Maybe an apology even. Amen.

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