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Tessanne Chin the Jamaican powerhouse singer makes a region proud.

Tessanne Chin the Jamaican powerhouse singer makes a region proud.

Tessanne Chin has made not only Jamaica proud. The child of the Caribbean has literally uplifted the spirit of the entire Caribbean region. Caribbean people from across the globe, rallied behind the talented songstress as she captured the hearts of the world while performing on the popular NBC network television show, the Voice. The season was full of talent, but no one could compare to the powerhouse Jamaican and her very sweet, humble persona. She made you melt like “buttah”, and all you needed was bread. Tessanne, the crowd favorite from the beginning of the season, won the competition and is now on a once in a life time experience doing what she loves best.


I had the honor of having both Chin sisters; Tami and Tessanne perform at my birthday party back in 2008. Relatively unknown in the US market at that time, it was her raw talent that attracted me to booking her. I remember our day together, visiting Starbucks and Tami telling everyone about how they loved “Happy Feet”. I was also shocked to also find out that it was the first time the sisters both performed in the US on the same stage. Yes, we made history that night. Tami at the time was doing her thing with Universal Records. He had a recording contract and was working on her hit single, Hyperventilating. She was definitely the big draw for the night. The event turned out great, with some of the Marley brothers attending as well as other well know deejays, entertainers and celebrity faces. After the night, after the many years, who would have thought that the little sister would be the catapulted into megastardom, where she currently resides.

Check out her article in Billboard Magazine Online with International Superstar, Shaggy, as she sets the stage for the Jamaican music scene and her interview after winning the popular NBC network, television show, the Voice. Be sure to support Tessane by purchasing her songs on iTunes as well as following her on her social media channels. She is an angel and if you ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with her, consider yourself blessed.

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